AI Marketing Attribution:
Immediately Gain 200%+ Efficiency

Use Galileo to gain complete visibility to all customer journeys, across all channels. Gain 200%+ efficiency with our cookieless, first-party technology.

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Use Galileo to gain complete visibility to all customer journeys, across all channels. Gain 200%+ efficiency with our cookieless, first-party technology.

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Remove waste: working and non-working. Calculate weighted ROAS. Allocate to channels that deliver the highest returns and efficiency.



Find your true cost of acquisition across any dimension: channel, campaign, landing page, etc. Select highest-return, lowest investment marketing tactics.



Sort and filter with dozens of options: channels and paths to revenue - not "impressions" or "ctr." Easily optimize revenue-related paid, organic, and social activity.

Finally, True First-party Marketing Data

Connect the dots in your marketing mix. Galileo's new cookieless technology provides full-path revenue attribution. Capture and analyze every touch point across unlimited conversion windows.

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Eliminate Uncertainty in Marketing and Sales

Calculate the expected value of perfect information (EVPI) in your marketing planning. Stop using "directional" KPIs such as "Traffic" or "Leads." Measure completely to revenue and align the organization on ROI.

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Drive Performance with Cohort Analysis

Measure first click, last touch, or a blended attribution model across nearly any cohort attribute or dimension. Identify the critical touch points across the entire consumer journey.

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How it works


Track without Cookies, with Full Compliance

  • Capture and measure all user events connected to revenue (organic, social, and paid).
  • Include or exclude personally identifiable information (PII), making compliance easy.
  • Begin collecting data in minutes.


Analyze Performance Segments

  • Track full, omni channel data.
  • Compare individual and aggregate journeys.
  • Determine the highest returns for any segment.


Leverage A.I.-Driven Decision Making

  • Eliminate waste overnight.
  • Reallocate resources to gain 50-500% efficiency across all marketing spend.
  • Decrease CAC and increase ROMI almost immediately.


Calculate ROAS

Measure tactics in real-time. Execute campaigns and content with certainty. Know what is driving revenue instead of "traffic."


Forecast Reallocations

Create data-driven strategies and tactics. Identify ROI for every channel, campaign, and landing page. Reallocate resources in real-time.


Increase Revenues

Increase visibility for high-value targets. Map and replicate successful customer acquisition paths salesforce-wide. Focus on what works. Stop what doesn't.

Calculate the Value of All Customer Journeys

With dashboard queries, sorts, and filters, quantify the economic value of any marketing element. Use accurate journey data to architect the customer experience for optimal growth.

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Align Marketing and Sales with Centralized Data

Align Marketing reach where it matters most. Implement winning strategies with teams via CRM integration. Empower teams with the knowledge to focus on resources and activities that drive revenue.

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Leverage Predictive Analytics and AI

Leverage Predictive Analytics and AI (machine learning). Model forecast outcomes using historical data. Weight models by seasonality using AI to predict future trends.

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Integration Options

Galileo can connect with almost any marketing channel or platform!

Need an Agency Solution?

Create new revenue across your client portfolio. Leverage comprehensive customer journey data and best-in-class AI-driven attribution to grow your customer portfolio and commitment.

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How does Galileo manage Personally Identifiable Information (PII)?

Every brand is different, with varying requirements. Galileo handles Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in two ways: First, PII can be included natively in your deployment. Alternatively, PII can be omitted entirely, in which case Galileo uses a random GUID for reporting and never processes any personal information. So we have you covered either way!

What is required for CRM Implementation?

Galileo only connects to the CRM via API to "see" the changes in status (Lead, Close, etc) and report on revenue. In this way Galileo can enhance reporting on cohorts or segment at both the individual and aggregate levels. No other data is synchronized. 

When can you begin processing our data?

The first step in any deployment is to initiate the "data collector." The DC, as we call it, represents the moment in time when you begin to own your data for good. The DC can be turned on in just a few minutes, and from that point forward you have complete records of every interaction with your brand. Then once the CRM integration is complete, you're off to a whole new world!

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