Arcalea’s Top 10 Posts In 2017


Our Best Posts from 2017

Before 2017 ends, we thought it would be insightful to look back on some of the content from the year and analyze which posts performed best, and which ones helped our users out the most.

There were over 40 new posts in the past year, with one new post each week. While there were a lot of great ones, we ultimately chose the ones that we found we were shared the most internally to teach new interns and members, and the ones we shared the most with clients. In no specific order, here are the top posts of the year:

1. 7 Tips To Improve Your Ad Copy

As Arcalea expanded throughout the year, we experienced more clients asking for guidance on creating effective ads that convince and convert. The post is relevant to marketers or brands that already have ads up, but are looking for ways to improve their clicks.

2. The Beginner’s Guide to Creating Effective Facebook Ads

Speaking of ads, Facebook, in particular, has seen an uptick in advertising spend, due to its sophisticated audience targeting. That’s why our post was such a popular share- it helped convey some of the important steps to take in crafting some engaging ads.

3. Relevance or Authority: Which Link has More Weight?

Link building is an essential part of any content marketing strategy, and also the one that is commonly ignored. Because of this, there are a few myths and misunderstandings about some of the fundamentals. One big example is the difference between relevance and authority, and which link would carry more “juice”. We broke it down in a way that was easy to understand.

4. How Facebook Can Help You and Your Business

Facebook is undoubtedly the largest social network, but some business owners continue to struggle in finding ways to make Facebook work for their brand. The social network presents a tremendous opportunity to not only gain a larger following but to analyze and understand their shared characteristics to help deliver a stronger service or product.

5. 10 Common SEO Buzzwords You Should Know

When you’re speaking to digital marketers and digital marketing agencies, it’s easy to feel confused by all the technical terms and marketing jargon. We created a post of the most used acronyms and buzzwords and defined them in an easy to understand way.

6. SEO Tips You Should Know Before You Begin SEO

Too many business owners and entrepreneurs activate an SEO initiative without any real plan or understanding of the objective. Some try to brave it alone, without consulting a search marketing agency. To assist, we wrote a quick guide for those attempting to implement an SEO strategy for the first time. It may come in handy for businesses feeling lost on where to start.

7. How to Build SEO Strategies Effectively

For agencies set on building their SEO strategy, we wrote a short guide on the main pillars of a strong SEO strategy. The secret: a careful balance between developing strong content, and understanding the audience you’re trying to reach out to.

8. Why Your Brand Should Use Instagram

Instagram has been the next big social platform for a while now. Facebook’s younger, cooler cousin is a lot more visual and a lot less cluttered, grabbing the attention of younger audiences and influencers. Brands should jump on the opportunity to use an Instagram channel in their digital strategy, and in this post, we explain why.

9. The Importance of Optimizing Your YouTube Content

YouTube is still the world’s largest video website. That means a lot of competition from other brands trying to capitalize off a particular word or phrase. With videos that are strongly optimized, you can beat others in the results game even if they paid their way up. We cover a few tips on YouTube SEO.

10. What’s the Difference Between Google Plus and Google My Business?

One of our top posts of the year was on Google Plus and Google My Business, largely because the topic can be confusing for many trying to sort out their Google SEO. This post clarifies the main distinction between the social network and the business platform.

Looking to 2018

We’ve written a lot this year and we’re excited for all of next year’s posts, which we already have planned. We’ll continue to cover the same topics, focusing on how c-suites, business executives, entrepreneurs, and owners can use search marketing strategies to their advantage.

Follow our blog in the coming year for more guides and information on search marketing, from content writing to social media, from link building to citation building. We have much more in store!

If you are interested in guest posting or suggesting a topic, reach out to us and write a message!