Content Marketing Trends to Watch For in 2018

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Content marketing thrives in an ever-changing landscape. The strategies used to keep customers engaged is constantly evolving, with newer, more tech-savvy and more advanced techniques. These trends will help propel your brand upwards and generate leads. Thus, it is best to stay on top of the current trends and avoid the perils of being left behind.

Content marketing trends do not have to be overwhelming. In this post, we break down the latest content marketing trends to watch out for in the next year, so you can stay competitive in 2018.

Original Content

Flooding customers with great content is not enough. The key is to watch for consistency and originality. A team with diverse talents is needed in order to generate and process this kind of content, the kind that meets the current demand of the audience.

Content marketers must think out of the box and create the kind of content that can be customized easily for different audiences, and adapt the new formats. Blogging, for example, may not be enough to satisfy the needs of the audience. A proper marketing strategy must readily be able to incorporate other strategies such as video production/editing, graphic design, audio editing, content optimization, communications, and advertising into their marketing plan.

In this particular article by the Content Marketing Institute, different media types and channels are now being used by more and more organizations that are recognized as successful in their fields.

(Live) Videos

Videos continue to dominate the media trend as it still exhibits a steady growth, alongside media platforms such as Youtube and Facebook. This is partly because the generation of video processing and editing has become more accessible to the public. Technology nowadays has enabled people to produce videos just by using a smartphone, a tripod, an editing app, and a social media account. However, if it isn’t done professionally, it may give your audience a negative perception of your brand. “Live” videos are becoming more common, as they allow for immediate media creation without the need for expensive equipment and a time-consuming editing process. Marketers are learning that real-time content is more engaging than the average post.

Virtual Reality

Another trend in content marketing is the trend towards making content more interactive. Audiences are constantly seeking the kind of content that can provide them a unique experience. More and more forecast models are predicting the rise in revenue from Augmented Reality in the next 5 to 10 years.

Multi-channel Social

It seems that the trend is to diversify content distribution other than the usual social media platforms such as Facebook. Connecting directly with the audience is a great way to reach out and engage them properly. Emails, in-person events, and other campaigns can be just as effective than relying on a third-party to distribute your content. Moreover, distribution is in your control, and you do not have to worry about the rules changing overnight.

Boost your brand’s engagement by adopting tools that can be integrated easily into multi-channel and your own social distribution plans.


These marketing trends are meant to provide an overview of what to expect in the coming year for content marketing. It may or may not be applicable for your brand, so do your research to figure out what your brand needs and see if these trends can help in improving your overall progress.

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