Everything You Need To Know About Google’s New Search Console

Arcalea - Google New Search Console

Google recently unveiled its new Search Console, updated with improved functionality and user support in response to user feedback.

The new Search Console features a fresh UI, new reports, and settings, making it easier for webmasters to track and maintain websites, especially for businesses. Best of all, you can do all of these for free.

In this article, we’ll help you navigate through Google’s new Search Console.


Why use the new Google Search Console?

Google Search Console allows businesses to collect and analyze reports on their website, such as search traffic and keyword usage. It can also give data on certain errors, malware threats, and other issues on your website that needs to be fixed.

Take advantage of the new Search Console- it can help give businesses actionable data to attract and convert new customers.


Google Console’s New Features

Performance Tab

The new performance tab enables users to see data such as the pages and keywords that your website ranks for in Google, up to a maximum of 16 months. Here are a few metrics included in the performance tab:

1. Clicks

Clicks measure actual visitors of your website as they browse through Google’s search results. You can use this data to optimize the page titles and meta descriptions to ensure that your website ranks higher in search results.

2. Impressions

Impressions refer to how often a website is shown in search results for a particular keyword. It does not refer to page ranks. It is more of a general overview of how often a page is shown when searched for in Google.

3. Average CTR

The average CTR or Click-through Rate is a ratio of how many people have clicked on your website to how many people have seen the listing. Increased rankings typically lead to an increase in CTR as well.

4. Average position

This information can be accessed based on the selected time period; it refers to the average ranking of a keyword or page for a given timeframe.


Index coverage

This tab shows the indexing information of your website on Google, as well as the errors and warnings encountered which prevented Google from indexing your pages. It is highly recommended to check this tab regularly to identify and address website errors and warnings. This tab also shows an in-depth analysis of these errors such as the URLs affected, and you also have an option to mark the items as fixed, so that Google can check them again.



The AMP tab, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, checks for errors in the Search Console and refers to lightning fast mobile pages. You have the option to set it up for your website or not. If your website has an optimized version for mobile devices, then it is necessary to set AMP in order to make these pages load faster. It is vital for any company or business to ensure that its website is mobile-friendly.


Job Postings

This is a new feature added to the Google Search Console. It posts two elements: job listing, which contains a brief description of the post, and job details, which provides more information when clicked. Now you have the option to list job openings in your company and simultaneously track its progress. This feature can help companies recruit more team members or employees more easily.



Every website must have an XML sitemap which lists all your website’s important pages and posts. It is also used by Google to easily find all these important information. This is also included in the new Search Console.



Getting Help with the New Search Console

Google improved its new Search Console by incorporating user feedback to improve functionality, navigation, and design. The new version is even more useful in tracking and improving your website performance. Some of the other changes may be too technical for the average user, but Arcalea is here to assist. For any questions on the new search console, or for strategic consulting on managing Google Analytics accounts, contact Arcalea today.

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