Google Marketing Live 2019: 6 Exciting New Ad Formats

The highly anticipated Google Marketing Live 2019 event unveiled 6 new ad formats for marketers and business owners. Last year Google announced marketing innovations such as Youtube Lead Ads, Responsive Search Ads, and Smart Campaigns while promoting their transparency and trust initiative. This year’s event shifted the focus to machine learning and how ads can, “be responsible, be there, and be useful.”

Google’s new ad products promise to deliver relevant ad experiences to the right people, at the right moments, while respecting privacy preferences. This week’s blog post shares everything you can expect from Google’s new ad formats.

1. Discovery Ads

Following the unveiling of Google Discover last September, Discovery Ads are a new way to advertise with image carousels. The ads use machine learning to deliver the most relevant ads to viewers when they’re most likely to take action. These ads allow for increased reach by running in the Google Discover feed, Youtube Home feed, and Gmail’s social and promotions tabs.

Powered by Google’s AI, Discovery Ads are not keyword-driven campaigns. Instead, they are driven by targeted audiences in the new Discovery campaign type. Expect to see Discovery Ads roll out later this year.

2. Google Shopping

Google announced several changes to shopping campaigns, signaling an increased interest in retail. One of the biggest developments in ecommerce is shoppable content. Google is anticipating this shift by allowing users to add items to their shopping carts from Google Search, Images, and YouTube. In addition, the Google Shopping tab will feature a new personalized homepage.

The announcement of Google’s shoppable search results serves to eliminate friction and make it easier to turn prospects into customers. Google will allow users to optimize Smart Shopping Campaigns for store visits. Smart Shopping campaigns were announced last year and use machine learning for performance and placement optimization.

3. Showcase Shopping Ads

This format is similar to Product Shopping Ads, but instead of sending users to a landing page, clicking on a Showcase Shopping Ad expands the image to show a product catalog. The shoppable ads appear at the top of Google Search and respond to broad, non-branded keywords on mobile devices. Examples of these keyword searches might be, “new camera” or “summer sandals.”

Showcase Shopping Ads can be accessed in the new Google Ads Interface, currently in beta. The first click on an ad is free and the brand only pays if someone clicks through a product on the expanded catalog.

4. Gallery Ads

Advertisers will now be able to feature eight images in Google’s new mobile ad format. Gallery Ads are large carousel images that allow users to swipe through photos or expand the ad and scroll down. The ads will roll out later this year and will only be shown in the top spot in Google search results.

Prabhakar Raghavan, SVP of Google Ads and Commerce said, “By combining search intent with a more interactive visual format, gallery ads make it easier for you to communicate what your brand has to offer.”

5. Youtube Bumper Ads

By taking advantage of machine learning, The Bumper Machine tool allows advertisers to create six-second Youtube Bumper Ads from video content that is 90-seconds or less. The tool automatically detects high-quality moments within the longer video, while identifying elements such as brand logo, human faces, and motion.

In 2017, YouTube analyzed 122 bumper campaigns and found that 70% drove a significant increase in brand awareness.

6. Changes to Local Campaigns

Local campaigns is the first campaign type in Google Ads that helps marketers drive traffic to retail stores. It’s no secret that consumers use their phones to research products before entering a store. Now marketers will be able to better influence their purchasing decisions.

Promotional content will now show up in Google Maps’ search suggestions, as well as pins on the map. Additionally, Local Campaigns will now be available to small businesses.

Google Marketing Live 2019 made it clear that machine learning is the future of advertising. Agencies will have to adjust their strategies accordingly.

To learn how your brand can take advantage of Google’s new ad formats, contact Arcalea today.