Here’s What You Need to Know: Google’s June 2019 Core Update

Earlier this month, Google rolled out its June 2019 core update. The update is part of a series of frequent updates to the algorithm that Google releases each year.

When did the update take place?

Google’s Danny Sulivan announced the update on June 2 and it was completed by June 8.

The updates take a few days to complete because each Google data center around the world needs to be modified. Previous updates took weeks to rollout.

What changes did the update introduce?

Search Engine Land published a comprehensive collection of different articles and analyses on the latest update, from analytics firms to responses on Twitter. Overall, websites across all industries had major fluctuations in ranking positions and web visibility.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to be more accurate because of the sheer number of websites. The websites that are reporting data are still only a small fraction of Google’s entire index, so they may not be representative of the actual changes.

The update also coincided with a separate Google update focused on showing more diverse results from different domains.

What does Google say about the update?

As always, Google remains secretive about the main purposes behind an update, usually to prevent marketers from preemptively gaming the search engine. Besides the announcement, Danny Sullivan mentioned they are “definitely noticeable.”

Google’s Gary Ilyes says the update could take “a couple weeks” depending on “data center health, network congestion and quality” and other factors.

What should you do right now?

As Ilyes mentioned, it’s far too early to tell the extent of the update. It’s very likely that losses and gains may self-correct. In the meantime, you may notice spikes or dips in your traffic starting July 3. We’ll keep you posted with more information.