Step 3 Tactical Implementation

Tactical Implementation Includes Measurable Initiatives

This final stage is where other agencies might begin. Arcalea combines a thorough brand evaluation with information security fingerprinting techniques to produce strategic and quantitative foundation for the marketing plan. The resulting Tactical Implementation includes a wide range of measurable initiatives, that may include:

  1. Paid Search, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. 
  2. Display Advertising may be shown to audiences based on a variety of parameters. Display might include:
    • Remarketing or Retargeting, which is the practice of installing a tracking pixel on a website to follow those audiences with display for a product, service, or brand.
    • Programmatic Advertising, which is a complementary tactic that involves the automatic bidding and placement of ads across a diverse set of properties, usually based on targeting parameters.
  3. Local Search is a crucial factor in search algorithms today and is a key to complimenting successful organic and paid campaigns. Local optimization includes the management and updating of appropriate records to ensure integrity and quality of scores across the brand’s core listings.
  4. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), to increase the likelihood of target audiences completing the company’s intended goal. CRO involves reviewing customer recordings, page dynamics, user flow, conversion funnels, and attribution models from the point of entry to a web property through the audience’s eventual conversion.
  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important component of improving search engine results ranking. 
  6. On-page SEO, which involves examining a site’s data structure, social cards, keyword usage, blog posts, information architecture, inter-linking, and blog structure.
  7. Off-Site SEO refers to actions taken outside the company’s website that affect its perceived trustworthiness and authority, and therefore increase its ranking in search engine results. This includes monitoring factors such as referring domains and links to the company’s landing pages for insights and growth.
  8. Content Marketing. One of the top search engine ranking factors is on-page content, which requires regular publication of new content to increase ranking and contextual relevance.
  9. Email Marketing, whether it involves a single communication or a “drip” format, can be used effectively in conjunction with other initiatives to capitalize on capturing and continuing to court audiences.
  10. Data Mining and Enrichment is frequently used with email marketing and retargeting campaigns. It involves the research and acquisition of target email addresses and cross-referencing with third-party validation services to produce “cleansed” data for targeted consumers.
  11. Data Visualization and Reporting is the recombination and ongoing analysis of endemic and third-party data sets to gain new and competitive insights from alternate or novel representations.

The findings of the Quantitative Analysis present a path detailing which tactics will help the brand achieve the goal determined in Strategic Analysis, and the sequence, weight and timeline in which they should be deployed. This whole process allows Arcalea to execute a market-based solution built on a scientific foundation and influenced by novel dashboard visualizations so the plan remains relevant as the landscape and the brand’s goals evolve over time.