How can I calculate ROI?

Enter your average Investment/month across all marketing channels, then add the total number of Revenue Conversions/month, and average Revenue per conversion to calculate your average ROMI. 

Use Media Spend only in Step 1, and Galileo will calculate your ROAS.

Both will also add an average increase in revenue efficiency when using Galileo. 

Hint: Average ROAS scores depend on many factors, including industry, tactics, relative spend, and competition. However a ROAS between 3-6 is considered an average target.

What is the average savings using Galileo?

The average return on Media Spend is 50%. When combined with potential savings on all other channels, the savings can exceeded 100%.

What is ROMI / ROAS?

ROMI is Return on Marketing Investment and ROAS is Return on Advertising Spend. Depending on whether you enter your Media Spend in step 1 or you enter your entire marketing spend, the "Return on" number will be either a ROMI or ROAS.

How do I get started with Galileo?

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