Consumer Modeling Establishes Healthcare Agency’s Market Dominance


Industry analytics increases addressable market ten-fold to propel family planning provider to market leadership.

A growing national provider of healthcare services needed to scale operations, increase market share and revenue, but was informed that maximum advertising capability had been reached, and that additional spend would not produce additional returns.

Arcalea analyzed the market to find unaddressed market demand and implemented an integrated set of initiatives leading to a 500% increase in conversions.

The Challenge

Agency growth had increased significantly year-over-year, and with it, the challenges of scaling complex surrogacy-donor operations demanding a balanced, continuous flow of qualified applicants: egg donors, surrogate mothers, and the sponsoring intended parents. The company needed to connect with multiple, unique audiences simultaneously, increasing acquisition by specific customer type (with varying proportions among the three customer types). The agency had reached diminishing returns with existing advertising approaches, with additional spending returning few additional applicants.


Arcalea began by analyzing the market, understanding the positioning of the brand and its competitors in order to identify the best way to address new audiences, increase market share, or engage more deeply with existing audiences. The assessment allowed sight into market players’ strategies and generated tactical implementations which overwhelmed competitors’ efforts.

Organic Performance Healthcare

The research revealed that the agency needed to re-engineer how they were attracting and interacting with their audiences online. An integrated suite of initiatives was designed to impact short- and long-term customer acquisition, to better understand and connect all three target customers, and quantify the cost and value of each acquisition, accurately predicting the flow of applicants.

For immediate results, an online advertising campaign was launched, designed from competitive analytics and pattern analysis of previous searches, organic search volume, and keywords. Daily, weekly, and monthly tests for targeting and keyword usage and ranking were conducted to consistently decrease CPC and CPA and maximize the number of applications received with the same amount of media spend.

To better compete with regional agencies with strong local visibility, local virtual offices were created to enable the use of local keywords and searches, increasing local organic search visibility and competitive reach to rival local brands, and connect better with target audiences regardless of location.

An organic traffic strategy introduced an optimized content marketing initiative for long-term increasing of applications. The hub and spoke content marketing strategy leveraged content on topics aligned with the brand’s long-term need for applicants in certain demographics and customer types, in order to build the brand’s organic contextual search relevance. Ongoing analysis and updating of content resulted in an organic stream of applications for targeted audiences.

Finally, Arcalea partnered with the client sales team in creating an attribution model to calculate how increases in spend impacted the number of applications for each audience targeted. Connecting Google Analytics directly to the client CRM–and applying insights from analysis of each target’s customer journey–the team created a system assigning conversion values and revenue tied to applicants. As a result, applications for each target type could be predicted based on spends, enabling a careful balance of each customer type tied to current and forecasted need.


Ultimately, the unmet demand revealed by market analysis was matched to a multi-part customer acquisition strategy. The ten-fold increase in addressable market was accessed through increased organic and paid traffic, and conversions predicted by customer type. Organic traffic increased by over 300%, and goal conversions by over 500%, boosting the agency to market leadership in the industry.

Moving Forward

The increase in organic volume combined with more accurate predictive analytics opened up an untapped market that continues to produce applicants. By collaborating closely with the agency, Arcalea transferred new capacity to its partner to continue recruiting qualified applicants, matching them, and ultimately creating successful outcomes for the company and customers.


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