Quantitative Analytics Fuel Flexible Office Space Growth Nationally


A flexible office space challenger in a field of established competitors sought to increase revenues and market share in multiple geographic markets after prior disappointing agency engagements.

Predictive analytics and custom attribution modeling creates over $15M in lifetime value.

After performing a Quantitative Marketing Analysis (QMA), Arcalea evaluated and established the competitive marketing context, and provided the strategic analysis and tactical implementation. 

The Challenge

The brand needed to assess approaches to grow and scale market expansion, while continuing to compete against regional and national brands with $1B+ market capitalization. Established dominant players have a natural advantage in respective markets with 100s of locations nationally and internationally, including established brand presence and high levels of unaided awareness throughout major metro areas.


The solution began with analyzing the competitive market quantitatively on nearly two dozen dimensions, resulting in diagramming the competitive context of short and long-term growth opportunities in key markets. This provided a holistic view both regionally and nationally, and enabled the development of a weighted priority matrix for all current markets, and new market entrance, including pre-launch and post-launch initiatives, driving growth and ensuring momentum. Tactical opportunities were mapped across the entire funnel from awareness through conversion, then combined with increased attribution modeling, by channel, for over 40 locations nationwide. Finally, a recommended phased assessment with analytics–descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive–provided infrastructure to support each phase, and built predictive revenue analysis across markets and cities by channel.Geography

As part of the second phase, customer CRM data was reconciled with the data coming directly from disparate systems. The Arcalea team developed custom marketing attribution that interfaced directly with various secondary platforms and integrated directly with the CRM, leading to an overhaul in ROI reporting and budget-driven decision-making processes.

Maintaining existing competitive efforts, the advertising team led the design and build of multi-channel campaign structures that generated tour bookings at client offices, with city-agnostic approaches that were applied rapidly as new locations were brought online. Ongoing website optimization and campaign tuning using external data extraction and analysis tools ensured campaigns were configured for the lowest effective CPA for booking leads across each targeted city.

Map by County

With increased competition saturating many markets, growing market share required addressing competition directly. Arcalea also created a custom data collection applications and processes to identify and collect competitive intelligence, and a subsequent personalized email automation campaign provided direct countermeasures, customized for each competitive scenario.


As a result of the multi-disciplinary, multi-channel marketing approach, Arcalea increased efficiency of all channels, increasing overall lead to opportunity conversion rate, while active tuning and research culminated in a stronger understanding of the competitor and target audience landscape, increasing qualified lead actualization year-over-year, and contributing to over $50M in lifetime value.

Moving Forward

The goal of any brand is to increase adoption of analytics throughout the maturity model to capture the most value from all initiatives. This includes long-term adoption and internalization of processes as they are able to migrate back to the client. As each was completed, several business processes were transitioned to the client. The sales team has been trained to manage the marketing automation/CRM platform handling of new leasing customers on-boarding process, and the marketing team today manages competitive contact capture and email campaigns. As a result, Arcalea is able to work with the leadership team to focus on next-generation business intelligence moving forward.




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