Transport Asset Management Breaks Digital Ground


A reinvented digital identity and framework empowers asset management company to expand into online markets.

A rail and air asset management company sought to expand beyond the traditional industry market space of longstanding relationships in a historically closed network.

Through the rapid creation of a digital identity and infrastructure, they were able to uncover and expand into unaddressed markets with minimal investment and significant returns.

The Challenge

An operator in transport asset management attained leads and revenue from industry-standard networks, using little digital brand presence or sourcing outside of its traditional ecosystem. To expand beyond this, the brand needed to understand the potential unaddressed market, the infrastructure and resources needed for entry, and the costs and benefits of a new customer acquisition model.


Arcalea began by assessing the market, determining significant demand existed outside the established industry networks. A large share of both rail and aviation markets operate within a safe and established business model, characterized by legacy operations, sales, and models of customer engagement and acquisition. Adoption of more contemporary tactics in digital required fast, turnkey solutions into an accessible market of significant size and return.

Accessing these needs meant creating a highly visible online identity in a frame of reference relevant to both historical and new customers. Arcalea designed a framework providing an online platform, an introductory investment content strategy, and a digital advertising component that together readdressed the company’s market presence.

The website functioned as a brand platform to drive users who are contextually searching for assets online. Visitors naturally segmented by transport modality, leading to contact forms for each product category. An intent-based content matching strategy of informational posts steered target customers to the site, increasing organic traffic and conversions. Finally, an AI-assisted digital ad campaign drove paid traffic, maintaining targeted acquisition costs and increasing organic traffic through a demonstrated halo effect. Together, the tactical components created a strong content experience and operationalized the strategy to readdress the company’s market presence.


Through market assessment and digital infrastructure, Arcalea demonstrated an unaddressed market opportunity and the feasibility of new segment acquisition. A company with little brand awareness was able to drive nearly half of all traffic organically, and more than half of all conversions. With minimal advertising spends, the revenue from website conversions led to revenue increases of over $7M. Given the market size, boosting spends will increasingly drive both paid and organic conversions.

Moving Forward

The company once dependent on a closed-network expanded into the digitally-driven marketplace, able to broaden business strategy, adopt new acquisition models, increase market share, and drive revenue. Arcalea continues to guide the asset management operator in expanding their martech, leveraging their CRM to create closed-loop marketing and attribution modeling, refining marketing tactics while increasing ROMI.




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