AI SEO Boosts Premium Brand's Organic Traffic and Paid Media Efficiency


ML-powered SEO triples organic traffic, increases paid media Quality Score, and lowers CAC.

A premier pet food brand needed to create demand through search visibility and ranking, but was dependent on branded paid media.

Arcalea's SRF analyzed industry presence to isolate page-one SERP factors that most effectively drive search ranking.

The Challenge

The brand's organic visibility was low, and current customers were primarily acquired through branded paid media. With little contextual brand awareness, the business was unable to acquire new customers unfamiliar with the brand name. With limited insight into on-page and off-page SEO data, the brand had no roadmap to increase visibility and contextual search volume. The company needed clarity for factors driving SERP ranking.


Arcalea began by performing a Search Ranking Factors assessment to identify and quantify the specific SEO elements driving SERP ranking.  By analyzing a dataset of thousands of industry-specific search results and pages, SRF determines probabilities for the factors driving page-one search results. After training algorithm models on current industry data, the SRF solution identified highest-valued specific elements to drive organic ranking for the brand.  

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The results identified specific on-page and off-page SEO factors, including keyword and content clusters and technical criteria. After the SRF was performed, a strategy for content and SEO was created, containing content outlines, SEO on-page recommendations, and off-page efforts such as backlink acquisition strategy.

The SRF assessment was performed on a quarterly basis to increase immediate relevance to market and search algorithm changes. Monthly action plans for content and on-page/off-page elements were delivered to the brand for execution.


After deployment of Arcalea's SRF recommendations, organic traffic increased from 10% to nearly 40%, with organic becoming the top channel ahead of Paid Search and Display. 

  • Ranking Keywords increased from 12,500 to 17,000
  • Referring Domains increased from 1,300 to 1,700
  • Organic traffic tripled 

IImprovements in organic content and consequent increase in SERP positioning increased Quality Scores, lead to higher placements, and produced the lowest cost per acquisition (CPA) for the brand. The brand’s ranking keywords increased nearly 40%, going from lowest total ranking keywords to passing the next 4 competitors. Referring Domains increased by 30%. 

Moving Forward

As a result of the increased visibility and demand, the brand was able to decrease CPA while increasing organic demand and customer acquisition. By collaborating closely with Arcalea, the brand was able to increase their capability for SEO and continued market share growth.




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